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Why choose us?

We Listen

We specialize in  customizing a  Management & Environmental Sustainability plan that aligns with your business strategy & principles.  

Let's ignite awareness among customers & employees, giving them ownership at the office & in your local community. We will deliver:

- Automated workflow to eliminate errors & optimize your "Quote to Cash" cycle-time.

-Retool your existing sales channels to organically identify new customers.

-Identify sustainable energy aware companies as alternatives in your supply chain.

- Drive innovative partnerships to enhance & extend the distribution of your core business products & services

We Communicate

Retrofit & optimize your cost structure as you grow your business.  We can re-examine & everything from "doors" to "delivery trucks".  Let us help you automate an Equipment Life-cycle Plan to replace older equipment with new energy efficient alternatives.

Learn more about our Innovation Incubator. Take your idea from concept to distribution with investment & development. Intersect with partners to distribute your services in developing markets.

We Deliver Results

Enable  your teams to track key performance indicators that measure progress you make towards your company sustainability goals, such as:

Alternative Energy Goals: Increase the % of Wind Turbine, Solar as energy sources.

Energy Intensity Goals: Execute employee energy saving plans.

Long-term Goals: Influence on your partners, suppliers, employees & customers to incent conservation across communities & industries.


Our Team is ready to execute your strategy

Team of Industrial Engineers


Meet some of our talented team



Steven Villarreal


Managing Partner

 Business Experience  : 

Steven Villarreal graduated from the University of The University of Texas.  He has 30 years in the tech industry in the fields of Product Development, Operations & Business Development in the Wireless & Internet of Things (ioT) Industry. He is currently the Managing Partner of Texas Consulting and Development LLC.


Community Charity Organization:  

Center for Refugee Services.

Resident of   San Antonio, Texas.

Advice to aspiring  entrepreneurs: Always prioritize your goals & look to partner to reach them.


Entrepreneur I most admire: 

 Bill & Melinda Gates who have directed their success in life in helping others across the globe.


Maurya Villarreal


CEO & Owner

 Business Experience  : 

Maurya L. Villarreal graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of The Incarnate Word.  She is currently CEO & Owner of Texas Consulting and Development LLC.

Community Charity Organization:  

Center for Refugee Services. An organization dedicated to promoting wellness and self-sufficiency to refugee families & their families. She has served for over 15 years including as Board President.

Resident of   San Antonio, Texas.

Advice to aspiring female entrepreneurs: Find your passion in business & build consensus to help the most venerable in our society.

Entrepreneur I most admire: 

 Bill & Melinda Gates who have directed their success in life in helping others across the globe.

Selanie Tomenendal

Marketing Director

Business Experience:  

Selanie Villarreal has over 15 years of business management and marketing experience.

Community Charity Organization:  

Center for Refugee Services. Served in special events to serve the refugee community and raise money for programming for over 10 years. She also has volunteered for CASA.

Resident of San Antonio, Texas.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: 

Pick one goal at a time to focus on to create the steps to your future!


Entrepreneur I most admire:  Arianna Huffington for her leadership to businesswomen. She said face your fears. It's not easy to overcome fear, but it is necessary to excel. Fearlessness is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes.

David Villarreal

Account Executive

Business Experience:  

David Villarreal has over 27 years of reducing carbon foot imprint in Textiles, Plastic, Metals in the automotive industry.

Community Charity Organization: 

El Amistad Club of Round Rock with 50 years been providing College Scholarships for minority and under privilege students. I have proudly serviced for over 10 years . Donating over 2 million dollars.

Resident of Georgetown, Texas.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: Regardless the amounts of your success. Always remember your humble beginning.

Entrepreneur I most admire:  Steve Jobs. Laughing at an idea that later would positively transform the world.

Rise in the Renewable Energy Economy

Partner with us to ignite renewable energy opportunities in your local communities. We are always adding to our body of knowledge & expertise regarding technological innovation, leveraging existing or developing policies that will impact & incent investment into renewable energy & conservation.  We see the chief driver of renewable energy is its strong business case, which offers increasingly exciting economic opportunities for you & your local community.

Don't wait! Schedule an "ignite"session with us &  scale your business.


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