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Electrification is here to stay.

While it’s of course fun to learn and explore all the new and emerging EVs technology here on Earth, it’s also important to recognize why zero emission vehicles have been reintroduced to society and why they are so vital to the future of the human race.

Despite what some political leaders or cynics may say, there’s no denying the blatant evidence of climate change throughout the world. While we at Electrek celebrate electric mobility, part of its success in recent years has been a symptom of a much larger issue created be the combustion-reliant vehicles that dominated the industry before them.

We’ve seen EV adoption snowball the past few years and nearly all automakers have committed to at least some deadline for complete electrification (although for many that still includes hybrids). The Paris Agreement has outlined global goals to bring Earth’s temperatures back down and combat the looming effects of climate change.

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